Buy With Confidence

By creating a small town atmosphere combined with building and maintaining customer relationships on a personal level, we have rightfully earned our reputation for excellence while keeping our customers for a lifetime, not just a single sale.

Why you buy your next vehicle from 
Timberline Auto Center
At Timberline Auto Center, we strongly believe the price is not the only factor for you to consider when purchasing your next vehicle. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we strive to inform you, our customer, with every aspect of the car buying process that will inevitably help you shop with confidence and give you the knowledge you need to make a well-informed, confident car buying decision.

Are you having difficulty purchasing your next vehicle? Do you keep asking yourself these questions?
  • Would buying a pre-owned vehicle or a new vehicle better suit my vehicle choices and my financial objectives?
  • Would a car, truck, or SUV more effectively complement my lifestyle and my driving personality?
  • I am in the market for a vehicle that you do not have in inventory. Is a dealer exchange possible to get me the vehicle I want?
  • What if I want to factory-order my next new vehicle?
  • How do I get the best possible financing rate for my loan?
  • What does factory invoice price mean and how do rebates and incentives work?
  • What is the trade-in value of my current vehicle?
At Timberline Auto Center, our ideology is quite simple - an informed buyer makes a satisfied buyer. Therefore, we will help you answer these questions to help you make the purchase of your next new or pre-owned vehicle as easy, economical, and enjoyable as possible! Once you have purchased your next vehicle from us, the savings do not stop there. Keep reading to learn more...

Our Service Continues Beyond The Sale
The purchase of your vehicle automatically qualifies you to receive the special benefits given to our VIP Service Club members. These benefits include:
  • A free tank of gas with vehicle purchase
  • An official Timberline Auto Center calendar.
  • A 6x10 photo of you and your family is included.
  • Your calendar will contain the next two full years.
  • Refills are available.
  • Your vehicle's first service job at no charge.
  • Includes lube, oil, filter, and wash.
  • Becoming a preferred member of the VIP Service Club.
  • You will receive 20% off all lube, oil, and filter changes plus a free wash.
  • You will receive 10% off parts and labor for all other repairs and accessories.
  • These benefits are good for the first three years following the purchase of your vehicle.
  • A free vehicle wash with each service for as long as you own your vehicle.
We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau
Timberline Auto Center has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since July 23, 2015. This badge of trust for our business will give you a guarantee that our operations are ethical, professional, and credible. More importantly, you can rest assured that our customer dealings are always of top quality.

Timberline Auto Center BBB Business Review